W Hughes Testimonial

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It’s no secret that companies carrying out ECO-funded work have a lot of paperwork to complete. From eligibility checks to surveys, evidence and compliance, there’s a large amount of information and documentation to compile before submitting a job to a funder.

It can be a frustrating process, tying staff up in administration and wasting resources chasing up forms, photos, details and signatures. With the emergence of cloud computing and mobile technology has come software to revolutionise this workflow – Eco Surv. The intelligent software streamlines all processes and centralises all documentation, ensuring complete transparency and ease of communication between everyone involved.

Less time wasted on paperwork means more time on the job – and more people enjoying warmer homes and lower energy bills.

The Client

Preston-based contractors W Hughes Ltd has been operating since 1967. A large area of work for the company today is loft and cavity wall insulation, replacement boilers and central heating systems. They carry out this work on behalf of private homeowners and public sector bodies, utilising ECO funding.

W Hughes has been using Eco Surv for three years to digitise workflow in the ECO process, from eligibility to surveys, installation and compliance. They also use the Eco Surv app to allow on-site operatives to upload documents, to push appointments to operatives on the road and link up back office staff with tradesmen and women.

Their Story

In the past, there were many people working on different computers processing information for each of W Hughes’ installations. Communication between customers, assessors, installers and providers was often difficult to keep track of, as was the mountain of paperwork. Once everything had been collated and submitted to the funder, mistakes could still cause documents to be sent back. W Hughes started using a software package to smooth the whole process. But after discovering Eco Surv and its enhanced functionality, they switched and have stayed with the company ever since.

Now, Eco Surv generates everything they need to complete a job and submit it to an ECO funder. It makes sure all information is consolidated in one place, where everyone can see and contribute to its progress – even those out on-site.

Some Of Our Customers

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